El Guadual Early Youth Development Center | 2015 SEED AWARD WINNER


Location: Villa Rica, Cauca, Colombia

Issues addressed: Child Care, Education, Health, Strengthening Community, Environmental Sustainability

Summary: Mostly Afro-Columbians, the population of Villa Rica (about 14,000) has been stuck in the middle of the on-going 60-year-long conflict due to its location and surroundings. Its proximity to the ocean and the mountains facilitated illicit trade operations. Surrounded by vast areas of sugar cane plantations, Villa Rica has been an oasis within a contested territory where extreme poverty and lack of governmental presence set the platform necessary for illegality to emerge. The design of the center is based upon the idea of creating spaces that stimulate kids to become effective individuals through decision-making, therefore raising a generation capable of understanding the positive alternatives that the war offers. The Emilio Reggia pedagogical model promotes education through play. The project is an open system of interconnected rooms providing various physical challenges, therefore offering both mental and physical stimulation.

Team: Daniel Feldman; Ivan Dario Quinones Sanchez; Sandra Pineda; Gabriel Cano; Andres Ortega; Eugenioi Ortiz; Alta Consejeria Presidencial Para Programas Especiales – Maria Cristina Trujillo; Inctituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar; Fundacion Plan – Maria Alejandra Montoya; Fundacion Comaprtir – Leonardo Sanchez; Villa Rica Town Hall

Jury Review: This is an inspiring project. The design is beautiful – sturdy, while including elements that foster play and interaction. Beautiful classrooms with very good engagement of local constructors.