Puyallup Longhouse Project

Location: Puyallup Tribal Reservation, Tacoma, Washington

Issues addressed: Cultural Heritage, Affordable Housing, Strengthening Community, Alternative Energy, Environmental Sustainability

Summary: The Puyallup Longhouse was designed with the goal of creating a community center and beautiful, relevant and affordable housing for members of the Puyallup Tribe struggling with the challenges of increased urbanization, high unemployment, and low income. The design embraces the tribe’s culture and follows the concept of traditional longhouses where family, friends, and community members interacted to perform daily activities such as singing, dancing, weaving, and carving. Modern technologies supplemented the natural design strategy and led to homes that are much more energy efficient than current Washington State energy code.

Team: Environmental Works Community Design Center, Puyallup Tribal Housing Authority, Malsam Tsang Engineering Corporation, Haozous Engineering, Thomas Rengstorf & Associates, Ecotope, Travis, Fitzmaurice & Associates, Marpac Construction, Common Ground, O’Brien & Company