SAGE: Affordable Green Modular Classrooms

Location: Gervais, Oregon

Issues addressed: Civic engagement; long-term health & low cost maintenance; strengthening community; wellness; and environmental sustainability

Summary: The SAGE Affordable Green Modular Classrooms address the need for a “healthier” version of the modular classroom which has become standard in over-populated school districts – and tackle the issue of making green design affordable. The classrooms are designed to the economic, social & environmental conditions faced by most Oregon & Washington schools and offer sustainability for cost-savings in long-term operation as well as a healthier environment that promotes learning.

Team: Portland State University’s (PSU’s) Department of Architecture, PSU’s Green Building Lab, PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions, basic Initiative, Gervais School District, San Jose Unified School District, Lincoln/Concord Massachusetts Unified School District, State of Oregon Governor’s Office and Cool School Program, State Of Washington Governor’s Office, Energy Trust of the Oregon and Washington States, Oregon Solutions, Gerding Edlan Partners, Mckinstry Engineering, PAE Engineering, Oregon AIA