About SEED Network

SEED Network Membership

The SEED Network connects similarly-minded members of the general public with designers from the fields of Architecture, Communication Design, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Urban Planning, who have an interest in community-based design practice. The Network is comprised of SEED members-individuals, groups, or organizations that support the SEED Mission and Principles through their own practices.


A Global Movement: A System of Support

SEED® is a principle-based network of individuals and organizations dedicated to building and supporting a culture of civic responsibility and engagement in the built environment and the public realm. By sharing best practices and ideas, these parties create a community of knowledge for professionals and the public based on a set of shared principles.

The SEED Network members promote and celebrate the idea that design matters and all people can shape their world for the better through design.

The Network is part of a global movement that believes design can support a community from the ground up. SEED facilitates action by providing tools such as the SEED Evaluator, which provides guidelines for pursuing a design process informed by inclusivity and participation that can lead to SEED Certification.