Certified SEED Consulting Firms


SEED Certified Firms are distinguished by their capacity to understand and respond to the needs of clients and communities that often lie outside the traditional scope of the planning and design professions. SEED Certified Firm designation is granted when a firm demonstrates a track record of successful projects that exemplify the SEED Mission and Principles.

Certified SEED Consulting Firms advise clients through the SEED Evaluator process, adding layers of value to projects, from building community support in pre-design through systematic documentation of results in post-occupancy, as required by most funding sources. The annual fee to maintain certification as a SEED Consulting Firm is assessed on a sliding scale, relative to size of the firm.


Certification as a SEED Consulting Firm brings value to participating firms, including:

  • Association with a known professional standard for public interest design.
  • A nationally recognized third-party certification of the public value of your services.
  • A participatory process to engage and build trust with stakeholders.
  • A transparent accountability method that will help secure and maintain trusting partnerships.
  • A user-friendly methodology for planning and documenting process and outcomes.
  • Reduced fees for SEED project certification (all three certification parts; one per year; $150 value).
  • No cost registration for two to attend the annual Structures For Inclusion conference ($150 value).
  • No cost registration for Public Interest Design Institutes (2 per year – 13 HSW CEUs/PDHs/AXPs – $600 value).
  • A national platform that will showcase your SEED Certified Projects.
  • Opportunities to present your SEED Certified Projects at Public Interest Design Institutes.

 Total financial value to certified SEED Consulting Firms: $900


Responsibilities of certified SEED Consulting Firms:

  • Post the SEED logo, link, and mission statement in a conspicuous place on your website.
  • Uphold the SEED mission and principles in your professional practice.
  • Receive approval for at least one “Phase Two” SEED Project Certification each year.
  • Respond to an annual survey of SEED Certified Firms to inform program updates.


Benefits to the SEED Network & to the SEED Consulting Firm Program:

  • Association with an exceptional firm that represents SEED values and practice.
  • Increased number of SEED Certified Projects to learn from, showcase, and inspire others.
  • Feedback from SEED Certified Firms will inform annual program review and updates.


Annual Membership fees for certified SEED Consulting Firms:

2016-2018 Rates: $250 per year per employee; minimum annual fee $1,000; maximum $5,000.
Anticipated 10% increase in 2019.


Current certified SEED Consulting Firms:


Resources for individual practitioners and firms include:

Applications for certification as a SEED Consulting Firm will be reviewed by a panel of SEED Certified professionals.

As the legal agency that administers the SEED Network and programs, Design Corps administers SEED certification.