SEED Evaluator 4.0

Guided by Ethics, Framed by Community Values 


Benefits of using SEED Evaluator

  1. Process: Provides a step-by step process for designers and communities to assess challenges, define priorities, set goals, and create design projects to address critical social, economic, and environmental issues.
  2. Participation: Functions as an on-line communication platform that can include multiple stakeholders and diverse community members in the process. Broad and diverse participation in a project is a requirement of the SEED Evaluator for a project to be determined as in the public’s interest.
  3. Transparency: Progress towards success can be tracked on-line and in real time. The results of the project are made publicly visible in achieving these goals or not.
  4. Accountability: Provides a “proof of concept” that goals were viable and appropriate for the community served, and at the end of a project provides a certification that goals were met.


Types of Application