Submit your Projects for an Upcoming International Exhibit

The SEED Network has been invited to submit projects for an upcoming international exhibit. Curated by Lisa Abendroth, the Design for the Common Good International Exhibition asserts the value of public interest design, an emerging practice that envisions a community-centered approach in the design of buildings, environments, products, and systems. It is a practice that champions growing knowledge, evolving processes, and activating participation while tackling complex issues. The direct involvement of people—communities, stakeholders, designers, as well as educators and their students—is the heart of this work.

The exhibit will open at the Center for Visual Art in Denver and travel to other venues around the world.


To qualify for consideration in the exhibition, SEED projects need to pass Part 1-3 of the SEED Evaluator, which is post occupancy assessment. Passing Part 3 SEED Certifies your project and it becomes one of the SEED Case Studies which we promote in many ways to exemplify the SEED Mission and Principles.

If you are a SEED member, to be considered for these awards log in to SEED Evaluator and complete the required sections before submitting.

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Deadline to pass Evaluator Part 3: February 20, 2021

Have questions? Please contact Bryan Bell at